søndag 27. mai 2007

Stop Sweating and Start Living Review

Underarm sweat is a huge problem for many people. I myself struggled with that problem for several years and it was in many ways changing the way I was living my life.

I experienced sweaty armpits for no reasons at all. I could be starting sweating after no physical activity. I could take a shower and feel clean and fresh but only minutes later the sweat rings started to build under my armpits.

I tried several deodorants, I tried shaving my armpits, I tried not to move, tried to drink water, tried to stay away from coffee, and literally every tip and advice I could find on how to deal with the problem. Nothing was working.

One day I came across the work of Mike Ramsey and I decided to give it a shot. I actually had no reason to trust the product and I was not confident at all when I decided to buy it. My only thought was heck; I might as well try this. If it can solve my problem that would literally change my life. After all, if the method he was telling me did not work I would always have the 60 day guarantee and get my money back. So I bought it.

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The method he thought me was very original, and nothing I would have tested on my own. Still it was really simple to implement in my morning routine. I thank Mike Ramsey from all of my heart for introducing me to his solution.

I can now actually visit friends that live more than two minutes of walking away from me. I can now join my colleagues for a beer after work without having to take the train home to shower first. My sweat problem is actually gone!

The title of the eBook is “Stop Sweating and Start Living”. That title is a perfect illustration of what it did for me. I am forever grateful!

For more information visit: sweatcure.com

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